Dave Brown and the Dishonest Fiddlers offer up a sneak preview of the upcoming album

Our friend, Dave Brown, and his band, the Dishonest Fiddlers, have been in the studio working on a new album they hope to release next month.

They will be playing stuff from the upcoming album Saturday night at Mountain Sky for the Year of the Dawg event, including this number, Steamtown Blues, which Dave was kind enough to slip us a rough cut of. This is not what will be the finished version when the album is released. Among other things that will be different on the LP, Jami Novak, formerly of Cabinet, is manning the drum kit for the Dishonest Fiddlers. There are no drums on this rough cut. They had not been tracked yet.

We like it just fine the way it is, though we trust Dave’s judgment, so if he says even better with the drums, we believe him. Be sure to look for the CD when it is released next month (we will let you know when that happens) and in the meantime, get out to see Dave. He’ll be at Marleys in Bloomsburg tonight as part of the Destination Blues Festival, appearing in a duo configuration with Dishonest Fiddlers guitarist Dave Hampton. And of course the full band will be part of what should be a fine night of music at Mountain Sky tomorrow night.