“We’re definitely bluegrass tinged” — A conversation with Wood & Wire’s Billy Bright

We never expected it to take this long to complete the video of our Zoom interview with Wood and Wire’s Billy Bright. When we did the interview back in October, we figured the video would be ready in a week, maybe two. But after running into some early difficulties, procrastination turned into something more, some sort of sinister ‘rona blues that zapped all motivation.

Hopefully we are past that. We’d like to think finally finishing this interview video is a positive sign. With live music starting to come back, and at least a semblance of festival season on tap, it’s time to get back creating some content.

About this interview — it is long. Even after editing some now irrelevant conversation about the state of the shutdown back in the fall, it is still almost an hour long. In it, Billy talks about the state of bluegrass music in Texas Hill Country and talks about each track on the band’s most recent album, “No Matter Where It Goes From Here.” You’ll hear a little of the album, too.

For more about Wood and Wire, and to purchase the album, visit woodandwireband.com